Space Exploration and Space Tourism

VR can help to simulate  the human exploration of Space. We offer both software simulation capabilities and design of hardware systems.


Our capabilities include the production of VR Gaming applications both for VR visors and for mobile or other media.

VR tourism

Our application can be developed also for VR tourism with the creation of VR environment of towns, museums, touristic landscapes.

Virtual Realty for Medical application

Our technology can be used in  rehabilitation medicine  to recover the health  of people affected  from different types of diseases and for simulation and study of the human body performances.

Rehabilitation medicine

Medical and psychological therapeutic applications for VR are numerous.

Rehabilitation techniques based on VR can be applied in  sport, neurological treatment and recover of motion capabilities. Special application are the ones to treat anxiety and autism.

Ask information about  our treadmill Motigravity, especially designed for Rehabilitation purposes.

Industrial Simulation

Mars Virtual Systems can offer customs application for the simulation of industrial activity as production, maintenance, training, safety procedures execution in a variety of industry.


The same techniques used to simulate movements in space can be applied to supply to the end user a very impressive experience of the sports events.