A general treadmill for Virtual Reality application

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Motigravity is a treadmill for virtual reality used to simulate the human exploration of Mars, Moon, Space, also simulating the low gravity environment in Space. Motigravity  is currentely used also in medicine as rehabilitation tool for different kind of diseases.

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VR software

We develop VR software for  research, gaming, educational, industrial and toursim sector. Our main softtware tool is IntelliFeet a system of sensors to detect movements of the users in VR.

Virtual Reality and Space

Virtual Reality enables a new a new opportunity to explore the space  and to discover the new technlogies related to the human exploration of the Moon, Mars and Solar Systems.

We offer both hardware and software to all the industries and the communities interested to discover such new  opportunties.


Next Steps...

New versions of our our VR  treadmills available soon...